We Let Our Clients do the Talking.

It’s easy to do when you treat everybody like we do.

We always love to hear how we’ve helped our patients, so please feel free to leave a testimonial by clicking the link below!

Last year my then two year old and I met Ms. Julia. Little did I know, both our lives were about to change in the most amazing way ever. Because of her patience with both my daughter and I, and her approach, I was finally able to communicate with my child. It’s quite an emotional thing to go from basically nothing to be able to know your child “wants more” or is “happy” for example – and she guided us through it all. I can’t say enough good things about the experience and her vast knowledge she shares and how genuine and deep her encouragement is. Lilah learned also about the world around her. I was able to come into my own as a mother and woman. Thanks Ms. Julia – ten million times over. I’m so happy thinking of all the children you have helped, and all the ones you are going to be helping.

Hanna L.

Paula, I just wanted to send an extra thank you your way! Even though my son has finished his speech therapy months ago, you are always on my mind. Every time that I hear him speak, I cannot believe how far he has come, and I cannot thank you enough for that. At one point last year, I remember worrying that my son would never finish speech, and feeling sad that he may not ever sound as clear as he should. Yet, with you dedication and calming demeanor, he finished speech therapy earlier than anticipated. And not only does he sound clear, he sounds fabulous! I cannot thank you enough for helping him blossom and reach his full potential. With your guidance and teach, it took him to a new level of confidence and it is just marvelous to watch and hear! Truly, this is the result of your hard work each session. I am so happy we met you and that you were there to guide him. You are a wonderful SLP and I’m so thankful for you!

Anonymous Parent of Client