Speech, Feeding & Swallowing Services

We provide evaluation services and a host of treatments methods for treating speech, feeding and swallowing disorders

Pediatric Speech Language Evaluations

Our caring and gentle speech language pathologists (SLPs) perform speech and language assessments for children. Our approach is holistic. We assess many different areas of speech and language to help identify issues. Since most children develop speech and language skills within a certain age range, our SLPs are equipped to identify and treat issues before they turn into problems. 

Our SLP services for children begin with an intake interview to gather information. The information we collect helps us decide which assessments to do and directs the course of the speech therapy services. You may be asked to provide the following information about your child:

·      Medical history

·      Education

·      Cultural and linguistic background

·      Current and past evaluations

·      Current and past therapies

After the intake interview we perform specific assessments to help identify the following:

·      Language disorders

·      Speech sound disorders

·      Stuttering

·      Voice disorders

·      Hearing loss

We have experienced speech language pathologists specialized in offering speech therapy for autism as well.

Our Treatments

Our team of speech language pathologists are experienced in caring for children with speech and language disorders. Our approach is family centered and holistic. The following are speech therapy services for kids which we offer in our local speech therapy clinic.

Language Treatments

Language includes speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. A child with a language disorder may have a hard time with one or more of these skills. Our SLPs not only help children understand language and talk, they can help children get ready for reading and writing. Language skills also help children to:

·      Learn

·      Behave

·      Make friends

·      Feel self-confident

One of our speech therapy treatment strategies is to work with the child on developing pragmatic social skills. Pragmatic skills are the social language skills that we use in our daily interactions with others. These skills include verbal and nonverbal use of language. 

Speech Treatments

Treatments for Speech Sound Disorders

Speech sound disorders impact the way a child pronounces certain sounds. For example, not saying p, b, m, h, w, k, g, f, t, d, and n the right way in words most of the time. Our treatments include helping the child say sounds correctly and clearly. Some ways we do this are:

·      Helping children learn to tell when sounds are right or wrong

·      Practicing sounds in different words

·      Practicing sounds in longer sentences

Treatments for Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Our team of speech language pathologists are PROMPT certified. PROMPT is a holistic approach which is quite literally “hands on”. The SLP uses touch cues on the child’s face to support and shape correct movement. The PROMPT approach helps the child to plan, coordinate, and produce speech sounds.

Treatments for Dysphagia

Difficulty swallowing is known as dysphagia. Our speech therapy clinic specializes in infant and child swallowing disorders. Treatments depend upon the type or cause of the swallowing disorder. 

We offer the SOS Approach to Feeding for children with feeding difficulties. Developed over the last 30 years, this approach helps children develop a healthy and enjoyable lifelong relationship with food. The SOS Approach to Feeding is a holistic model which evaluates and treats the “whole child” including:

·      Organ systems

·      Muscles (including oral motor)

·      Sensory processing

·      Learning, behavior, and cognition

·      Development

·      Nutrition

·      Environment 

In this program, our team of speech language pathologists uses play to engage the child. Play increases the child’s comfort level to allow him or her to explore and learn about food. This “play with a purpose” model focuses on six steps. The SOS Six Steps to Eating:

·      Look

·      Interact

·      Smell

·      Touch

·      Taste

·      Chew and swallow

Treatments for Voice Disorders

We also offer speech therapy help for voice disorders. Various irritants cause voice disorders – reflux, yelling, postnasal drip, or cysts may be causes. Treatment for voice disorders depends upon the cause of the condition. Our family centered approach to treatment includes finding the right combination of treatment strategies.