Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Here at Garden State Speech Therapy, we offer a comprehensive approach to feeding therapy.

We are passionate about feeding.

We offer feeding evaluations and treatment for children of varying feeding difficulties. Our range of feeding therapy spans from newborn to adolescents. We work with newborns who are having difficulties accepting bottles or gaining weight. We also specialize in infants having trouble transitioning from liquids to purees or purees to solids. Children who are picky eaters and have food refusal, food avoidance, or tantrums around meal times. We also work with infants/children who will gag or vomit when trying to eat or swallow.

We also work with babies who have been discharged from the NICU and help parents select the right bottle type, the correct flow rate nipple, and help with latching onto the nipple. We follow a comprehensive approach with the caregivers and parents as the main component of therapy to ensure carryover and maintenance of feeding skills within the home.