Adult Therapy Services

We treat CVA, head injuries, stuttering, articulation, voice disorders and movement disorders.


A stroke can cause a variety of communication difficulties, including memory loss, difficulty with word finding, difficulty with communicating a message, speech clarity, swallowing, muscle weakness, language comprehension, maintaining a conversation and problem solving. We work closely with our patients to remediate these issues

Head Injuries

A speech therapist can work with patients and their family to develop a program of support that enables independence, as people suffering from traumatic brain injuries may face difficulties with memory, problem solving, attention and completing daily activities.


The onset of stuttering can occur during both childhood and adulthood. A speech therapist can provide strategies to control the dysfluency in a variety of communicative settings.


A speech sound disorder can occur in childhood and persist into adulthood. A speech therapist can provide therapy to treat a sound error at any age.

Voice Disorders

Can be defined as a medical condition that causes a change to the quality and stamina of the voice. A speech therapist will teach a variety of exercises to reduce strain on vocal chords and improve vocal quality.

Movement Disorders

Movement Disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease or Huntington’s can impact an individual’s ability to speak clearly, swallow safely, and communicate.